How To Use Pattern Shapes

Working with Shapes

Tap or drag to add shapes to the workspace. Then drag to move them. Tap a shape to select it.

adding or dragging shapes

Drag on the background to select multiple shapes.

arrow indicating dragging from the middle of a band to create a new vertex

Rotate selected shapes using the rotate handle.

rotating shapes with rotate handle

Change grids to snap shapes to grid lines on the workspace.

grid selection menu

Setting Color and Size

Use the Fill tool to set the color of selected shapes.

color selection menu

Change the size of selected shapes.

shape resize button
shapes in different sizes

Using the Protractor

Display the protractor to measure angles. Drag its ring to align it to pieces.

protractor toolbar button

Drag the zero degree handle around the ring to rotate the entire protractor.

Drag the direction handle around the ring to change the degree of the angle.

Drag the direction handle in and out to change the size of the protractor.

protractor tool measuring a shape

Working with Outlines

Outlines are silhouettes on the workspace that can be filled in with shapes.

example of outline

Browse the outline library to select from a collection of pre-made outlines.

outline library

Make your own outline by adding shapes and clicking the Create Outline tool.

creating a custom outline
create outline button

Remove an outline by using the Remove Outline tool. Any shapes, text or equations will remain.

remove outline button

Send outlines to others to fill by using the Share tool.

change me

Working with Covers

Drag covers to move, or drag bottom corners to resize.

finger pointing to corner of cover indicating where to touch to resize

Hide or show a cover by tapping the eye icon.

finger pointing to center eye icon indicating where to touch to show or hide a cover

Toolbar Interface

Icon Tool Shortcut Description
start over icon Start Over Esc Clear the workspace or reload the Share Code.
resize icon Resize R Toggle the size of selected shapes.
fill icon Fill F Change the color of selected shapes.
grid icon Grid G Use a triangular, square or no grid on the workspace.
create outline icon Create outline O Turn all shapes currently on the workspace into a custom outline.
remove outline icon Remove outline O Remove the outline displayed on the workspace.
protractor icon Protractor P Show or hide the protractor.
zoom icon Zoom Z Zoom the workspace in and out.
cover icon Cover Tool H Add a resizable cover to hide or show shapes.
math text icon Math Text Tool E Create math expressions and equations.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
Writing tool icon Writing Tool T Enter text using your keyboard.
drawing tool icon Drawing Tools W Open or hide the drawing tools.
duplicate tool icon Duplicate D Duplicate selected items.
trash icon Trash backspace, delete Delete selected items.
share code icon Share Code K Open shared work using a code.
share icon Share S Share your work with an image, a link, or a code.
info icon Info I View how-to and other information about this app.