How To Use Number Pieces

Working with Number Pieces

Tap or click pieces onto the board. Then drag to move them. Tap or click a piece to select it.

Finger dragging individual Number Piece.

Drag on the background to select multiple pieces, or hold down shift while selecting individual pieces.

Finger circling around multiple pieces.

Change the length of an edge piece by dragging the arrow.

Finger dragging the blue arrow to extend edge piece.
Toggle between multicolored or all yellow counter sets.

Change the starting set of pieces to the basic or advanced set.

Working with Covers

Drag covers to move, or drag bottom corners to resize.

Finger dragging cover bottom right corner.

Hide or show a cover by tapping the eye icon.

Finger touching the eye icon.

Toolbar & Keyboard Shortcuts

Icon Tool Shortcut Description
start over icon Start Over esc Clear all text, equations, covers and drawings.
Break pieces icon Break Pieces B Break selected pieces apart into the next smallest size pieces.
join pieces icon Join Pieces J Join selected pieces together into the next larger piece.
fill icon Change Color F Open the color fill palette.
duplicate icon Duplicate D Duplicate selected pieces.
rotate icon Rotate R Duplicate selected pieces.
zoom icon Zoom Z Zoom the workspace in and out.
cover icon Cover Tool H Add a new resizable cover to cover beads.
math text icon Math Text Tool E Open a keypad for creating expressions and equations. Using the keyboard to add numbers and symbols also works.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
Writing tool icon Writing Tool T Enter text using your keyboard.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
drawing tool icon Drawing Tools W Open drawing tool and show the drawing layer.
trash icon Trash backspace, delete Delete selected items.
share code icon Share Code K Open shared work using a code.
share icon Share S Share your work with an image, a link, or a code.
info icon Info I View how-to and other information about this app.