How To Use Geoboard

Adding a Band

Drag and drop a band onto the board.

arrow indicating dragging a band to a peg on the board

Drag from a line to create a new vertex.

arrow indicating dragging from the middle of a band to create a new vertex

Drag a vertex from one peg to another.

arrow indicating dragging a band from one vertex to another

Double-tap to delete a vertex.

arrow pointing to a vertex to double-tap on for deleting

Setting Color and Fill

Change the color of a selected band by tapping a rubber band pile of the desired color.

tapping a rubber band pile

Fill or unfill a selected shape, or all shapes on the board.

Fill shape triangle and ink drop

Fill all shapes multiple shapes and ink drop

filled in triangle

Working with a Duplicated Shape

Move a duplicated shape by dragging it.

Drop the shape by tapping off of it. Each of the shape’s vertices will attach to the nearest peg.

finger touching a triangle to duplicate

Drag the rotate handle to change the angle of the shape.

Reflect the shape either vertically or horizontally by tapping the flip buttons.

vertical two-pointed arrow on left and horizontal two-pointed arrow on right
arced arrow indicating a shape can be rotated

Working with Covers

Drag covers to move, or drag bottom corners to resize.

finger pointing to corner of cover indicating where to touch to resize

Hide or show a cover by tapping the eye icon.

finger pointing to center eye icon indicating where to touch to show or hide a cover

Toolbar Interface

Icon Tool Shortcut Description
start over icon Start Over Esc Clear the workspace or reload the Share Code.
square board icon rectangle board icon circle board icon Board Shape 1 , 2 , 3 Choose square, large rectangle, or circle board.
grid icon Grid G Show grid lines on boards.
grid numbers icon Grid Numbers N Show numbers along x- and y- axes.
fill icon Fill Tool F Fill or unfill selected bands.
fill all icon Fill All Tool A Fill or unfill all bands on the board.
cover icon Cover Tool H Add a resizable cover to hide or show frames and counters.
math text icon Math Text Tool E Open a keypad for creating expressions and equations. Using the keyboard to add numbers and symbols also works.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
Writing tool icon Writing Tool T Enter text using your keyboard.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
drawing tool icon Drawing Tools W Open or hide the drawing tools.
duplicate tool icon Duplicate D Duplicate selected items.
trash icon Trash backspace, delete Delete selected items.
share code icon Share Code K Open shared work using a code.
share icon Share S Share your work with an image, a link, or a code.
info icon Info I View how-to and other information about this app.