How To Use Fractions

Working with Fraction Bars and Circles

Tap to add a bar or circle to the workspace. Then choose the number of parts, or enter a custom number.

add toolbar icons
how many parts popup

Change the size of a bar or circle by dragging the resize handles.

resize toolbar icon
how many parts popup

Rotate circles by dragging the rotate handle.

rotate icon
rotating a circle

Filling Fractions

Use the Fill tool to show a fraction of the whole.

Select a color.

color selection menu

Tap on a part to apply that fill color.

filling a part with color

Drag to fill parts more quickly.

dragging to fill parts

Tap a filled part to remove the fill

tapping to remove a fill

Using Fraction Labels

Show or hide fraction labels.

tapping to remove a fill
color selection menu

Working with Covers

Drag covers to move, or drag bottom corners to resize.

resizing a cover

Hide or show a cover by tapping the eye icon.

hiding a cover

Toolbar Interface

Icon Tool Shortcut Description
start over icon Start Over Esc Clear the workspace or reload the Share Code.
add bar button Add Bar B Place a bar on the workspace.
add circle button Add Circle C Add a circle on the workspace.
toggle label button Labels L Show or hide fraction labels.
toggle label button Rotate R Rotate selected bars.
color fill button Fill F Change the color of fill that is added to fractions.
zoom button Zoom Z Zoom the workspace in or out.
cover icon Cover Tool H Add a resizable cover to hide or show fractions.
math text icon Math Text Tool E Create math expressions and equations.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
Writing tool icon Writing Tool T Enter text to explain thinking or create a problem.
Tip: Double-tap your text to edit it.
drawing tool icon Drawing Tools W Open or hide the drawing tools.
drawing tool icon Duplicate D Duplicate selected items.
trash icon Trash backspace, delete Delete selected items.
share code icon Share Code K Enter a code to open shared work.
share icon Share S Share your work with an image, a link, or a code.
info icon Info I View how-to and other information about this app.